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    Nursery Teachers Training course banner

    Nursery Teachers Training Course

    Pre-N-Primary Teacher Training Institute, Patna provides Diploma in Nursery Teachers Training which is packed with substantial content and is designed to impart effective skills among those aspiring candidates who want to become nursery teachers.

    The preschool age (3-5) is the most impressionable age in every one's life. The effective teacher therefore must be aware of the principle of child development and need of the children, which are different from the primary and post primary children.

    The demand for nursery school and early childhood care is increasing day by day and teachers who possess requisite qualification and training certificate are in great demand. This is the reason we conduct Nursery Teacher Training (NTT) Course with utmost care giving special emphasis on Child psychology of this age group.

    N.T.T. 1st Year Course

    dotChild Psychology & Child Development
    dotHistory & Philosophy Of Pre-Primary/Nursery Education
    dotPre-School Organization And Child Care & Health
    dotPrinciple Of Education
    dotElementary Educational Psychology
    dotMethod & Material Of Nursery Education
    dotLesson Plan / Micro Plan & Teaching
    dotCreative Art & Craft Work
    dotArt File & Other File
    dotPreparation Of Teaching Aids
    dotViva & Internal Assessment

    N.T.T. 2nd Year Course

    dotAdvanced Education Psychology
    dotWorking With Parents & Community
    dotEducation Technology
    dotTeacher Education
    dotComputer Education
    dotProgramme Planning
    dotLesson Plan & Teaching
    dotCase Study & Project Work
    dotPractical Activities (Indoor And Outdoor Games)
    dotCommunication Skill & Performing Art
    dotViva & Internal Assessment