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    Objective of the Course

    Objective of the CoursePre-N-Primary Teacher Training Institute, Patna provides pre and primary teacher training courses such as Nursery Teacher Training (NTT), Nursery and Primary Teacher Training (NPTT) and Primary Teachers Training (PTT) courses.

    Due to modernization and social progress along with scientific and technological development the meaning & requirement of education has changed. Now it becomes the Child centered besides the teacher or subject centered. It is therefore felt that there is much need of proper trained teacher for growing children to have better systematic education and overall development.

    Therefore, our courses are designed according to the requirement of modern child oriented education. Our courses render complete knowledge about the students & the education system. These courses provide knowledge about society, environment science, physical education, primary health, child psychology, child care, health & nutrition.

    We also introduce our trainees with the organization & administration of the various schools and give the opportunity to run own institute or to serve as a teacher in any other school.

  • arrowOur teacher training courses help the teachers to emphasize the nursery teaching method, principles and approaches of early childhood education.
  • arrowNTT / NPTT / PTT is a stepping stone to elementary and primary education
  • arrowThe Pre and primary training courses are more emphasized on how to prepare with the latest developments.
  • arrowThe courses will enable the candidates to become aware of the development stages which will be useful while framing the age appropriate lesson, activities, games, etc.
  • arrowThe Courses are intelligently designed for women and providing truly a step for empowering women.