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    Primary Teachers Training

    Primary Teachers Training Course

    Pre-N-Primary Teacher Training Institute, Patna provides certificates & Diploma in Primary Teachers Training (PPT) which is concisely designed teacher training course for prospective teachers who are willing to become proficient in the methodologies to teach children aged 6-12 years as primary teachers. The primary teachers assume an important role and need to be better equipped with the skills and competencies required to teach young learners.

    Therefore, we provide Primary Teacher Training (PTT) Course and giving special emphasis on child psychology and elementary education to teach children aged 6-12 years as primary teachers.

    P.T.T. 1st Year Course

    dotChild Psychology & Child Development
    dotChild Centered Education And Education Technology
    dotHealth Education
    dotPrinciple Of Education
    dotTeaching Of Hindi
    dotTeaching Of English
    dotArt Files
    dotCreative Art And Craft Work
    dotCommunication Skill & Personality Development
    dotPerforming Art
    dotInternal Assessment

    P.T.T. 2nd Year Course

    dotElementary School Organization & Management
    dotBasis Teaching Principle
    dotIntroduction To Education Psychology
    dotComputer Literacy & Educational Application
    dotTeaching Of Elementary Mathematics
    dotTeaching Of Science At Elementary Level
    dotLesson Plan & Teaching
    dotPreparation Of Teaching Aids
    dotCase Study & Project Work
    dotComputer Practical
    dotViva & Internal Assessment